Airline pilot master scab list

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JUMPSEAT PROTECTION LIST 5-Jun-04 1 THIS IS Airline pilot master scab list THE US MASTER PILOT SCABLIST THE UNIONIST S EDITION A SCAB is A Person Who is Doing What You d be Doing if You Weren t .
Representing pilots at airlines in the US and Canada.
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Question on the master SCAB list. Why is it that someone who's deceased,their name is still kept on the scab list? Is this to keep zombies from jumpseating? And why .
Surprise! IBT decides a Joint Council works; How does it feel to be a scab? Union Fees; RAH Executive Board Election; Pilots need to unite in DC!!! Furloughed United .
Union Talk For macro-level discussion: legislation, national unions, organizing pilot groups, etc. For airline-specific discussion, use relevant forum above.
There is a new scab website up and running. Unfortunately, there are 2 new names that have started the list Spirit Airline SCABS, Spirit Airlines
Originally Posted by love2drive2c5 When you say "CAL is the absolute SCAB airline . Originally Posted by ForeverFO I hate all this pissing in each other's "corn .
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One reason that these lists are often deleted is that the "Order and Award" of 10/85 clearly states that ALPA

Airline pilot master scab list

nor any of it's members will cause retribution on any .
What IDIOTS (Two Falcon Air Pilots Scab for Spirit) - Jetcareers bombs in their car, along with a list of addresses for " scab" pilots. Wives of " scab" pilots were .
Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways
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