Codeine tec 3 pills

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Best Answer: Sounds like Codeine. A Pain killer with Acetaminophen. Like Tylenol but stronger. Edit: Yup, I was right. Here: .
Best Answer: snort it. . That's the ACETAMINOPHEN content, not the codeine. Codeine isnt really a high, it's more of a depressant, analgesic, pain pill! It isn't .
1 Answer - Answer: Canadian pill, Codeine/Acetaminophen/Caffeine 30/300/15 mg An analgesic ,
Codeine. Codeine (INN) Codeine tec 3 pills or 3-methylmorphine belongs to a class of medications called opiate analgesics and antitussives. This medication is used to relieve mild to .
It's similar to a Tylenol 3. It's a combination of codeine, acetaminophin and caffeine and is manufactured in Canada.
This pill sounds like ratio-Lenoltec No. 3 ratio-Lenoltec No. 3 Tablets: Each round, white, bevelled-edged tablet, engraved with "TEC" and "3" on one side and the .
round white pill tec 3 forums and articles. Learn about and discuss round white pill tec 3 at The People's Medicine Community.
tec 3 pill forums and articles. Learn about and discuss tec 3 pill at The People's Medicine Community.
Generic Name: Codeine, Acetaminophen Strength: 60 mg, 300 mg Manufacturer: Ratiopharm, Canada Trade Name: ratio-Lenoltec No. 4 Type: Analgesic Class: RX, CDSA I
Best Answer: Tylenol 3 has a small amount of codeine in it. If you take it when you don't have Codeine tec 3 pills pain it doesn't do anything different than if you did have .
TheDJ you don't have any actual experience snorting codeine do you? I mean your post caffeine pills. yeah i snorted caffeine pills, so what. :) don't do it TEENz .
Codeine Drug Source. Codeine is found in opium in concentrations between %0.1 and %2. Because of the small concentration found in nature, most
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