How much ativan should be taken to kill someone

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I am not sure, however I attempted Suicide on this and Anti-Depressants. when my Best Friend died suddenly during Hurricane Isabelle. I took 120 Tablets .05 MG and .
She came to the counter to pick up a bag full of prescriptions. She had her granddaughter with her. The first thing the tech noticed was that the camisole under her .
My doctor prescribed Paxil 20mgs and Ativan for anxiety and sleep. I am now taking the same dose of Paxil and 2 mgs. of Ativan daily. I really want to get off

How much ativan should be taken to kill someone

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depends on your tolerance (if you have taken it before) also it depends what other medications you have in your system (like if your on other medications that could .

Best Answer: A normal adult dose of Ativan is between 0.5 - 2mg max. Any more than doubling that to 4mg can cause severe confusion, respiratory depression, and .
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I just hunted back a few pages and didn't see the answer, so sorry if it's already been asked/answered. Pdoc gave me ativan 0.5mg PRN. In t.
I'm afraid of flying, and How much ativan should be taken to kill someone I'm going on a trans-Atlantic flight soon. The flight has three legs on both the departure and return trip. The first leg is 2 hours, the .
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Knowing my already addictive personality, would it be wise to try Ativan? Just how addictive has it been in YOUR experience? Can you sleep at ALL without it (Ass.
Ativan discussions on . happened to me a panic attack and gave me intraveneous Ativan
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