Tangy smelling urine

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Sambal Tumis Petai/ Spicy & Tangy Stink Bean is the family's favourite dish . I can cook it everyday and it will still bring a smile to Daddy's face.
What does it mean when your pee smells sweet or tangy? ChaCha Answer: Sweet-smelling urine may be caused by glucose or ketone excesse.
My vagina has a pecular smell lately. What does your vagina typically smell like?
New York secretes its fullest range of smells in the summer; disgusting or enticing, delicate or overpowering, they are liberated by the heat. So one .
The Best Smelling Trees & Plants to Have in Your Home. House plants improve your indoor environment in many ways. Healthy plants look nice, contribute to a calming .
It's not necessarily a danger sign. You may be simply offloading a high concentration

Tangy smelling urine

of vitamin C (which, when you over-consume, simply dumps the excess to the urine .
300 Asparagus Recipes Asparagus causes stinky urine in 25 percent of people. Odor, Smell, Food, Sick, Normal, Vitamins, Rare, Science, Nutrition, Recipes, Cooked, Raw .
This (usually) being a male of any age who sniffs the used and soiled panties of a girl, lady or woman. The stained panties of women have a wide va.
1) Chrome - by Azzaro Azzaro came out with Chrome in 1996. It has a sharp, tangy citrus scent, Tangy smelling urine combining bergamot, lavender and ginger with sandalwood, rosewood and a .
Okay so I may have had a couple of glasses of wine before I decided to write to ASDA about their strawberry jelly -filled marshmallows, nevertheless
Beating The Drug Test System (Useful information for recruiters, parole officers, etc.) Due to fear of losing a job, of being disqualified for employment, of losing .
Weird smelling pee and discharge phlegm in throat >>> weird smelling pee and discharge phlegm in throat bad smelling flem and snot >> Medical .
Best Answer: Best way is to fix your dog. Unaltered dogs whether female or male urine smell stronger than fixed ones. Hosing off the yard well - not just spraying a .
Best Answer: My favourite is Vanilla Lace from Victorias Secret,
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